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While some of you have been reading this blog since 2007, many of you are fairly new readers who may be looking for some specific travel information.

To help you better find what you are looking for among the more than 800 posts, we have developed this Quick Start Guide to Traveling With the Jones.

Travelin JonesWe share travel discoveries – both our own as well as those of others – to inspire travelers of all ages and all levels of travel experience.

We travel for work – enough to qualify as road warriors  – and we make the most of frequent flier miles and hotel points to see the world when we can fit in a quick break.  We also spend a significant portion of our disposable income on travel, and make the most of credit cards that reward us with points and miles.  We minimize security lines and hassles by being approved for Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check.

Although we currently live in Kansas City, Missouri – thousands of miles from an ocean – we love exploring the world from a cruise ship. These are some of our most popular posts on cruise tips:

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Jeff, frequently referred to as Mr. Jones in blog posts, was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and is one of the state’s biggest fans. We visit Alaska several times a year Our most-read posts on Alaska include:

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Destination Discoveries highlight places that we’ve found unique – both close to home and around the world.

Find discoveries posts detailed by destination in A World of Destination Discoveries.

Like many of our readers, we enjoy exploring local food and wine when we travel.

Here’s a sampling of our popular food posts:

We became wine fans when we lived in San Francisco and got married in Sonoma County.  Places that have the climate for growing good wine grapes are destinations we enjoy visiting. Here’s some of our most popular wine posts:

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If you enjoy geography-related trivia, check out these Fun Facts posts:

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We like to hear about other travelers’ discoveries and experiences as much as we like making our own, so we started  “Travel Chat” interviews with other travelers and with travel insiders. Some examples include:

Here’s a recap of 25 Travel Chatscovering a wide range of travel destinations and travel styles, from exploring National Parks to going local in Hawaii, to insights from expats who lived abroad.

We accept Guest Posts from travelers with discoveries to share. These are some of the most popular ones:

If you want to write a guest post for this blog, please read the details for submitting guests posts in Are You A Traveler? An Invitation To Share Your Discoveries on This Blog.

Seven and a half years and going strong.

We started this blog in May, 2007 when we quit our jobs and traveled in Europe for five months, mostly by cruise ship. While many folks have the kind of summer adventure in their 20s, we did it in our mid-forties.  We think travel changes one’s life for the better, and that most anyone, regardless of age or income can find a way to explore the world.   Learn more about our passion for travel in A Girl, A Guy and Their Travel Love Story.

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