Exploring New York City — Eataly
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Exploring New York City — Eataly

Eataly - New York City

Last weekend we spent Saturday night at the Hilton New York Fashion District hotel prior to boarding a cruise to Bermuda.   After taking in the view from the hotel’s rooftop bar, we asked Joesph, our friendly bartender,  for a nearby casual spot  to grab dinner.

Joseph and his co-workers recommended Eataly at 200 5th Avenue, located only a few blocks from our hotel.

From the outside entrance, Eataly looked like a straight-forward Italian restaurant. Upon entering, however, we were quickly transported into a mega-market /food theater/ giant wine bar / multiple restaurants /high-end supermarket that seemed to be in the heart of Italy.

We quickly grabbed two empty spots at the marble-topped stand-up tables at La Paizza, a wine bar with Salumi & Formaggi served by speedy waiters.


We drank glasses of Gavi wine as we ate our way through the Grande Piatto Misto — described as “an assortment of the best cheese and salumi of Eataly.”  This turned out to be a large platter of meats, cheeses, honey, fruit, nuts and olive oil paired with warm bread.


With our stomachs happy, we set out to explore more of this 50,000 square feet “grocery store with tasting rooms.”


Oscar Farinetti, an Italian businessman, founded Eataly in Turin, Italy in 2007, when he converted a closed vermouth factory into European mega food market complete with mini-restaurants and a learning center. Today there are seven Eataly locations in Italy and six more in Japan.

Farinetti opened the New York Eataly in 2010 in partnership with chef Mario Batali, his restaurant partner Joe Bastianich, and Bastianich’s chef/restaurateur/TV food personality mother Lidia. ( A side note: we love Lidia’s Kansas City restaurant.)


We could spend hours in Eataly, just viewing all of the food.


Prime Dry Age Porterhouse Steaks from Kansas …. at $28.80 a pound???? Makes us appreciate our Kansas City beef supply.


With Wild Alaska King Salmon at $29.80 per pound, Mr. Jones wants to be the supplier of Alaskan fish for Eataly.


Have you been to Eataly?  What’s your favorite spot?


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