Photo Friday: The Colors of Summer

by Janis on August 17, 2012

School has started and summer is fading fast.  Despite the heat, summer 2012 has offered us many colorful memories. 

1. Roller coasters — lots of roller coasters — with our niece Justina in A 10-Year-Old Rates the Rides at Worlds of Fun.


2. Colorful seats in the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Take a free tour of Kansas City’s newest gem.



3.  Craggy mountains, cloud-filled skies and twisting rivers make for a scenic ride on Amtrak’s California Zephyr between Denver and San Francisco.


4. Giraffes and zebras below added excitement to the African Sky Safari, when exploring the Exploring the Kansas City Zoo With a 6 Year Old.


5. Pink sand, crystal clear water, and blue skies are just part of the spectacular Views from Bermuda’s Tobacco Bay Park.



6. A champagne toast while riding to 11,444 feet at Keystone, Colorado.


2012 has been a colorful summer, and it’s not over yet.


What destination or event added color to your summer? 


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