A Look at the Sabatini’s Menu on Princess Cruises’ Star Princess
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A Look at the Sabatini’s Menu on Princess Cruises’ Star Princess

On a recent 7-day California Coastal cruise on the Star Princess, my new shipboard friend Angela and I enjoyed dinner at Sabatini’s Italian restaurant.

This specialty restaurant requires reservations and has a $25 per person cover charge.

Burrata alla Panna, Sabatini'sChoosing an appetizer is tough. There are a number of delicious-sounding choices. We both enjoyed the Burrata alla Panna con Carpaccio di Pomodori, described as hand-formed cow’s milk cheese with creamy lava center on tomato carpaccio, with balsamic syrup.

It’s creamy and yet meaty, and is a huge chuck of burrata, which I think of as butter-cheese. This would be a good appetizer to share if you are having several, as it is quite filling.

Sabatini's Calamari We did not order the Calamari Fritti (crispy fried squid in a cone, served with lemon garlic dip) but our terrific waiter brought it anyway. He has listened to our discussion and questions when ordering, and said, “You should try the Calamari as well.”

In the background of the photo you can see the remnants of our Sapori d ‘Italia – the starters from the chef served before the appetizers consisting of Rosemary Flatbread with Prosciutto, Marinated Green & Black Olives, and both Herbed & Spicy Focaccia Grissini

Sabatini's artichoke souffléElite Princess cruisers at my regular dining table recommended the Sformato di Carciofi Gratinati al Castelrosso appetizer, and of course they knew what they were talking about. The twice-baked artichoke soufflé with castelrosso cheese sauce is delightful. It was probably my favorite dish of the evening.

appetizers, Sabatini's

The photo above lists all of the antipasti except the Burrata. Which would you choose?

Sabatini's pasta menuThen there is the pasta course, with another tough choice.

Sabatini's Spaghetti allo ScoglioThe Spaghetti allo Scoglio includes a plethora of seafood in a cherry tomato sauce with langostino, diver scallops, tiger shrimp, vongole and black mussels. 

As soon as I got those beady eyes and shells away from the pasta, I enjoyed every bite.

Sabatini's braised short rib penneMeanwhile Angela enjoyed the Penne con Brasato di Manzo, braised short rib over penne with grana padano cheese on top.

Also quite delicious.

Sabatini's main dishes, Star PrincessNow it was time for the main course. Although there are numerous choices, our decision was easy: the Tris d’Aragosta for both of us.

lobster three ways, Sabatini's- Star PrincessThis main dish includes lobster three ways – lobster tail, lobster orzotto and lobster bisque sauce. The lobster orzotto is similar to risotto, but made with pearl barley instead of rice, which makes it a hearty dish. Plus, it’s full of lobster bits. The bisque sauce on the lobster reminded me of Catalan-style bisque that you would find in Spain.

Angela and  Janis in SabatinisThe murals and curved booths are a nice touch in Sabatini’s.  Angela and I were much too full for dessert, but we had to look at the menu. And, then, of course, choose are favorites for a taste.

Chocolate tiramisu with espresso gelato A new chocolate journey dessert – chocolate tiramisu with espresso gelato – delicious!

Sabatini's - Star PrincessI believe this is the Zabaglione of whisked Marsala foam with ladyfingers, but I’m not certain.

If you’ve dined in Sabatini’s, perhaps you know for certain.

If so, please share in comments below, as well as your favorite dish on the Sabatini’s meun. 

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