A Look at the Tamarind Restaurant Menu on Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam

by Janis on February 3, 2014

Tamarind RestaurantOne of our favorite restaurants at sea is the Tamarind Restaurant on Holland America’s Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam cruise ships.

The menu is described as “Pan-Asian” with a meshing of foods from Southeast Asia, China and Japan.

Tamarind, Holland AmericaWe like this restaurant so much that we dined there three evenings during our recent 7-Day Holiday cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam, which allowed us the opportunity to try a number of different items on the menu.

Before you dine at the Tamarind, you may want to have a cocktail at the Silk Den, a quiet, romantic bar just across the hall from the Tamarind on Deck 11.

Silk Den, Holland AmericaThe Silk Den bar menu has some special “Pan-Asian” cocktails, sake and beers on its menu that aren’t available in other bars.   Tumblers of ice keep the martinis well-chilled.

jalapeno martini, Holland AmericaMy favorite, the jalapeí±o martini, has just the right bite of spice, although the bartender can adjust to your preferences. If you have a Signature Beverage Package, these drinks are included.

Once your table is ready, your cocktail can be transferred to the Tamarind — perfect for sipping while studying the menu.

You choose a soup and an appetizer, or two appetizers, or a 6-piece appetizer portion of sushi.  Then, an entree or a 12-piece portion of sushi to follow the appetizers.

Tamarind, Holland AmericaThis is a tough decision. So many items sound terrific, and they are.

Thai Beef Salad, Tamarind, Nieuw AmsterdamThe Thai Beef Salad is tasty with its dressing of lime, mint and chili, once you dig past the overflow of noodles on top.

shrimp , Tamarind, Nieuw AmsterdamThe crunchy Shrimp Tempura Indochine is lightly-breaded, and comes with a small portion of the green papaya salad, which is also an excellent choice on its own.

Satay, Tamarind, Nieuw AmsterdamThe Trail of Spices Satay Sampler is popular, with skewers of lamb, beef, chicken and shrimp with different sauces.

See why we went back three times? The spring rolls are also excellent.

Of the soups, we like the Jewels of the Sea shrimp won ton soup the best, but would recommend skipping the soup in favor of other appetizers or sushi.

Menu-Tamarind RestaurantOf course, if you like sushi, that’s another appetizer option.

sushi, Tamarind, Nieuw Amsterdam I choose 6 pieces of three different rolls for an appetizer.

Menu-Tamarind RestaurantThe entree menu is divided into four sections: Water (seafood), Fire (spicy, but only as much spice as you request), Wood (cooked with wood plank or steamer) and Earth (vegetarian).

If you are a steak lover, the Wasabi and Soy Crusted Beef Tenderloin is a star of the menu.  It’s a steak with a crust, leaving the meat inside tender and juicy.

red chicken curry, Tamarind, Nieuw AmsterdamOur favorite is the Penang Red Curry Coconut Chicken, designed to be spicy but can be adjusted to no spice.  It’s rich, creamy, and delicious with a side of brown rice.

shrimp and scallops, Tamarind, Nieuw AmsterdamOn the lighter side, the Scallops and Prawns with Garlic, Ginger and Chili contained the best seafood of our cruise.

sushi entree, Tamarind, Nieuw AmsterdamIf this sounds like too much food, the 12-piece sushi entree is a lighter choice. You get to choose exactly what you like from the sushi and sashimi list.

Menu-Tamarind RestaurantOur favorite sides in the steamed brown rice and the sake-braised oyster and shiitake mushrooms, which are perfect for sharing.

chocolate dessert, Tamarind, Nieuw AmsterdamFor dessert, the Tamarind Chocolate offers a bit of bittersweet chocolate contrasted with a light-but-slightly-spicy chocolate mousse.

fortune cookie, Tamarind, Nieuw AmsterdamOr, if you can’t eat Asian food without a fortune cookie, try the huge Chocolate Almond Fortune Cookie filled with a rich chocolate ganache, served with a side of ice cream.

The wasabi, green team and passion fruit sorbets are soothing if you indulged in a spicy entree.

Tamarind servers The servers in the Tamarind are all hospitality superstars, which adds to the star-quality of the dining experience. They are always amazed at Mr. Jones’ height.

Cheers to the TamarindCheers to you — we hope you enjoy the Tamarind Restaurant as much as we do.

Dining in the Tamarind for dinner requires advanced reservations and a $20 per person surcharge.  For 4-star Mariners, it is $10 per person.

Or, you can dine at the Tamarind for a set menu dim sum lunch free of charge, but you must have a reservation.  Be sure to make it the first day that you are on the ship.

What’s your favorite dish at the Tamarind Restaurant? Or which one do you most want to try when you dine there? Please share in comments below. 

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