A Peek Inside the Hilton Minneapolis Hotel

October 4, 2016

One weekend in late July, we made a 2-night stay at the Hilton Minneapolis Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. While the Hilton Minneapolis is linked to the convention center, our stay was for a weekend getaway to meet a friend and explore downtown Minneapolis. Here is a look inside Room 2146 of the brick high-rise hotel.  Our assigned room […]

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Visiting the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 30, 2016

Today in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, we walked along the river front of the Upper Mississippi River, passing by the Saint Anthony Falls, which was the only major natural waterfall on the river. The natural falls were channeled into a concrete spillway, and their water power helped Minneapolis become the “Flour Milling Capital of the World” between 1880 and 1930. […]

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5 Best Attractions In The Mall Of America

October 6, 2014

The Mall of America isn’t just an ordinary mall.  Located in Bloomington, Minnesota (a suburb of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul), the enormous retail paradise attracts more than 40 million visitors each year. Midwesterners have undoubtedly heard of this amazing mall, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it is known by others […]

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5 Weekend Getaway Spots To Add To Your Bucket List

March 13, 2013

This post is written by Danielle Smith, a student at the University of Arkansas. I have been working hard on my travel bucket list lately: California, New York, Washington D.C..  As I think about my travel “bucket list” I  realized that there are  many cities I want to visit that are not “typical” vacation destinations. These […]

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