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18 Interesting Facts to Know About The Netherlands (aka Holland)

May 21, 2017

In anticipation of an upcoming trip to Amsterdam, we wanted to learn a little more background about the Netherlands, also commonly referred to as Holland. 18 Interesting Facts to Know About The Netherlands (aka Holland) 1. The Netherlands is a densely populated country of 17 million people located in Western Europe with three island territories in the […]

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18 Interesting Facts About Liverpool, England

May 13, 2017

Located on the eastern side of the Mersey River in northwest England, the city of Liverpool has a population of 478,580, and is part of a metropolitan area with 2.24 million residents. Most people associate Liverpool as the birthplace of the Beatles. The band that began in Liverpool achieved 17 number one hits during their […]

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15 Interesting Facts About Bantry, Ireland

April 18, 2017

In June we plan to visit the coastal town of Bantry, located in West Cork County, Ireland. Our first visit to this part of Ireland will be via a 14-day Celtic Kingdoms cruise. The town of Bantry, we learned, has a population of less than 3,500 people. It’s located at the head of Bantry Bay, a deep […]

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22 Fun Facts About Milford Haven, Wales

April 11, 2017

We will be visiting Milford Haven, Wales, in the United Kingdom for the first time in June. In anticipation of our first visit via a cruise ship, we did a little research. 1. The town of Milford Haven (population 13,900) is part of Pembrokeshire County in western Wales. One can reach the town by driving […]

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