Travel Tips

A Better Way to Send Postcards From Your Travels

May 12, 2015

One Christmas long ago I couldn’t think of a gift to give my Grandmother and her sister, my beloved Aunt Lydia.  They were very tough to buy gifts for as they were the kind of women that would much rather you call them frequently and/or spend time with them than buy them things. I was […]

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6 Packing Tips From A Road Warrior

May 5, 2015

Mr. Jones travels two or three weeks a month on business. Over the years of frequent travel, he has gotten much better at packing for a trip. Here are 6 of his personal packing “rules”: 1. Roll, rather than fold bulky items like jeans. 2. Compartmentalize smaller items like socks and underwear in mesh zippered […]

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Our #1 Strategy for Staying Healthy When Traveling

April 28, 2015

We made a quick stay at the Kansas City Airport Marriott hotel last Friday night before an early morning flight out of the country. One of the little things that I love about Marriott hotels is the chain’s Thann orange and tangerine hand wash, which has a clean, citrus smell. With a late night check-in, and […]

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Flying Internationally from the U.S. with Diabetic Medications and Supplies

April 14, 2015

I received several questions from a man flying internationally this summer. He is a diabetic and needs to take two weeks work of medications and related supplies with him on his flights on Delta Air Lines to Ireland. Here are his questions: Regarding medications, I am a diabetic and with being gone for two weeks, I will […]

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