Travel Tips

Making a Trip Planning File for Your Next Vacation

March 26, 2015

Are you planning your next vacation or weekend getaway? Do you have a trip planning file? For every trip we make, long or short, we create two trip planning files.  #1 is a regular file folder, labeled for the trip.  In it we put printed copies of the following: airline ticket confirmations hotel reservation confirmations […]

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How to Get Your Preferred Dining Seating on a Cruise

February 24, 2015

We love reader questions. Here’s a question from Dennis: I booked a Carnival cruise through an agent in April and I asked for table for 10. What I got was 3 different tables. Carnival said the rooms were linked together. The travel agent said the table for 10 is only a request. Who is correct? […]

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6 Weekend Travel Tidbits

February 22, 2015

Are you planning a trip to France? In Defense of the Notoriously Arrogant French Waiter is an interesting and informative read from the Wall Street Journal. Who knew that today is National Margarita Day? The LA Times recommends Nine great places to savor one.  After viewing the pictures, we would not mind trying any of them, although we’d have fairly high expectations […]

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3 Ways Most Anyone Can Afford To Travel

February 11, 2015

You are so lucky!  I wish I could travel like you do.” People often ask us how we can travel so frequently. Here are 3 Strategies That We Use to Make Travel More Affordable 1) Budget for Travel Strategy #1 isn’t glamorous or magical. If you want to travel, you need to make it a […]

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