7 Not-So-Conventional Ways of Traveling Across the Country

July 28, 2014

Everyone is quite familiar with boarding a plane, or driving a car, or perhaps even sailing to their desired destination. But some people may be interested in those other crazy people who make it across the country or ocean in other ways. Ever wonder “How do they do it?” My only answer can be, “They simply […]

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6 Must Have Items for Your Next Bus Trip

June 20, 2013

This is a guest post by Morgan Large, a graduate student at the University of Arkansas. I am currently packing for a travel bus tour to see the great American West. What are some must have items when you are traveling on a bus? This list includes the must haves that I am packing for the […]

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Views from Bermuda’s Tobacco Bay Park

August 11, 2012

Tobacco Bay Park offers clear water, ideal for snorkeling.   The namesake tobacco crop did not flourish here as intended, but what a view.   Fort St. Catherine is a short walk away.   Look close to see the snorkelers enjoying Tobacco Bay.   The views justify a visit, even if you don’t swim or […]

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