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Smoking Martinis, Hearty Food and Fun Vibe at 300 First in Rochester, Minnesota

August 21, 2014

During a one-night brief stay in Rochester, Minnesota, we were hungry after a long afternoon and evening of travel.  Yelp reviews led us to the 300 First restaurant within walking distance of our downtown Hilton Garden Inn hotel. Despite our 9:30 pm arrival, we enjoyed a hearty meal and some interesting cocktails. As we perused the menu, we ordered an […]

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Enjoying Delectable Italian Food in Downtown Portland, Oregon

July 19, 2014

Within the last month and a half, we’ve each made trips to Portland, Oregon. For both visits we stayed in the Portland Marriott City Center hotel, which is located near Pioneer Square just two blocks from the MAX Red Line. While there are many things we love about visiting Portland, enjoying the local food and […]

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8 Tips to Healthier Eating While Traveling Overseas

June 13, 2014

When I was traveling in Austria, Hungary, and Germany recently for ten short days, I didn’t restrict my diet in the least. I ate a huge breakfast. I stuffed myself, making sure I was very full every morning. Then I had a light lunch, like a latte, or just a little snack of something, and then I […]

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Collecting Starbucks Coffee Mugs Around the World

May 21, 2014

Do you have anything that you “collect” when you travel? When we travel, we rarely spend time shopping. We prefer to collect countries, destinations and experiences rather than things to lug home. We do, however, love coffee. Good coffee. Every morning when he’s home, Mr. Jones grinds beans to a fine powder, boils water, and manually brews each […]

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