5 Fun Facts You May Want To Know About Suva, Fiji

July 29, 2014

Suva is the capital of Fiji, the island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. Built on a peninsula with three side reaching out into the sea, Suva is Fiji’s second largest city by population. Tourism is a mainstay of the Fiji economy, and Suva is a popular, remote cruise port. 5 Fun Facts About Suva, […]

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Five Fun Facts about Puerto Chiapas, Mexico

July 24, 2014

Located on the Pacific Coast in Southwestern Mexico just eight miles from Guatemala,  Puerto Chiapas is a cruise ship port that consists of small fishing village and a craft market.   Puerto Chiapas is located in the Mexican state of Chiapas, and offers a gateway to the Izapa Mayan ruins and an archaeological musemum in nearby Tapachula. Volcán Tacaná, […]

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7 Fun Facts About Fuerte Armador, Panama

July 17, 2014

Fuerte Amador, situated at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, is a man-made peninsula extending out into the Pacific Ocean near Panama City. Fuerte Amador consists of a one-mile causeway that connects four small islands. Named after the first Panamanian President, Manuel Amador Guerrero, Fuerte Armador was the site of several former United States Army bases used to […]

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Destination Discovery: Nosy Be, Madagascar

July 16, 2014

We’ve always wanted to visit Nosy Be, an island off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Madagascar is an island-country in the Indian Ocean located off of the southeastern coast of Africa. Nosy Be is a popular port on World Cruises, and is one of our “bucket list” destinations.  We are thrilled to share this guest […]

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