7 Healthier Travel Snacks We Like For Flights
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7 Healthier Travel Snacks We Like For Flights

Healthy Snacks for Travel


We are always working to eat healthier foods. During August, we re-tried the Whole30 eating plan which is particularly tough for travelers.

When you are on long flights or connecting flights or delayed flights, it is easy to get tried, hungry and willing to eat that bag of cardboard-tasting pretzels or other foods that you don’t really want.

Here are some of our favorite foods that we pack in our carry-on backpack or briefcase to keep hunger under control, no matter how long our flight is sitting on a runway waiting for clearance.

1. Mario Olives in Brineless Pouch – I carry these small packages of olives in my backpack with a plastic spoon. (A toothpick or cocktail stirrer stick can work in a pinch to stay the olives.) Since each pack is sealed without juice, they pass through security. Each pack of the black olives with sea salt (my favorite) contains about 10 olives and 50 calories, and effectively staves off hunger until you can have a proper meal.


2. Nick’s Sticks – Mr. Jones’ favorite “stuck on the plane” snack are these beef or turkey meat sticks that we order from Amazon. They are gluten-free, are made from grass-fed beef or free-range turkey, and come in regular or spicy flavors.

3. Jack Link’s Original Protein On-the-Go Packs – an alternative beef jerky option, these little packs take up very little space in your briefcase. There also doesn’t seem to be a strong odor, something your fellow airplane passengers will appreciate.


4. KIND Fruit & Nut Bars – Kind bars have been one of our favorite on-the-go travel snacks for several years. We find them to be more-filling than most bars, and a “kind” snack to give to other hungry travelers who are without one in their bag.


5. Larabars – When following the Whole30 eating plan, I rely on Lara bars in a pinch. Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Carrot Cake, Cashew Cookie, Cherry Pie and Coconut Cream Pie are said to be some of the Whole30 compliant flavors of these bars.


6. Individual packages of mixed nuts – Nuts are also a handy, portable snack, and buying them in individual packages helps control portion size.

7. Individual bags of apple slices – We buy a bag of individually-packaged packs of apple slices at Costco. While you can’t put these packs in your bag and forget about them, you can throw them in just before you leave for the airport. I think they make an ideal post-departure snack, shortly after take-off, before they’ve been away from your refrigerator for too long.

Do you have a favorite travel snack to stash in your briefcase for flights? Please share. 

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