Mossel & Gin Foodbar in Amsterdam’s Westerpark

by Janis on June 27, 2017

During our pre-cruise stay in Amsterdam, several locals recommended that we check out Mossel en Gin Foodbar in the Westpark neighborhood. When we first trekked to the impressive Westergasfabriek (a huge park created from the buildings and grounds of a former gas factory), we were disappointed to find this restaurant specializing in mussels and gin did not open until 4 pm on weekdays.

Mussel and Gin Food bar, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsOn Friday evening, we headed back to Mossel & Gin, this time taking the GVB public tram from central Amsterdam near the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) to the Van Hallstraat stop, which is about a 1 minute walk to reach the Westergasfabriek (Western Gas Factory park). The ride took about 20 minutes and required one tram connection.

Once in the park, we headed left to reach Mossel & Gin, were we were delighted to be seated on the outdoor enclosed patio just before sunset.

Gin and tonics at Mussel and Gin Food bar, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsWhen in Amsterdam, we’ve learned to order the local favorite — cocktails made with gin. At Mossel & Gin, there is a full-page menu of gin and tonic cocktail choices, divided by categories: Fresh, Citrus, Herbal and Sweet.

We ordered the infused gin with pineapple and coriander from the Fresh selections, and the Opihr gin with ginger and lemon grass that’s one of the Citrus offerings.

These cocktails arrived perfectly prepared in large balloon glass. Each table has a tube of zaanse Ginmayo (Gin mayonnaise) that you can use, or purchase to take home. lobster croquettes. shrimp bitterballs, Mussel and Gin, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsWith our cocktails, we ordered the lobster croquettes and shrimp bitterballs with gin mayo to share.

Burrata salad - Mussel and Gin Food bar, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsWe also ordered the burrata salad with lentils, zucchini, balsamic vinegar, tomato and olive oil. This is the small portion for sharing. There is also a large portion of this vegetarian dish available.

classic mussels at Mussel and Gin Food bar, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsOf course, we had to try the restaurant’s namesake dish. We ordered our mussels prepared in the classic style with white wine, leek, carrot, celery and butter. The fresh, meaty mussels were served with a large side of fries.

Even though we were hungry, this was more food than we could eat. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and terrific food, and left very happy that we made the effort to dine at Mossel en Gin.

Getting to Mossel & Gin from Central Amsterdam

Getting around via public transportation is easier if you purchase an Amsterdam 1- to 7-Day Municipal Public Transport Ticket.

We pre-purchased a 1-day ticket from Get Your Guide.

Upon showing our receipt at the GVB Ticket Office (we went to the one across from Amsterdam Central Station), we were given a GVB chip card that allowed us to ride on any municipal trams, buses, ferries and the metro, without worrying about fares or transfers.

tram route to Mossel & Gin, from central AmsterdamTo reach Mossel & Gin from central Amsterdam, we first caught the 17 tram from a stop on Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal street. Once the 17 tram reached the Marnixstraat/Rozengracht stop, we got off of the tram. We then crossed the street to catch tram 10 at the Rozengracht stop. We then rode the 10 tram to Van Hallstraat, were we got off and walked about 2 blocks to enter the Westergasfabriek. 

When we were ready to leave, we returned via the opposite direction.

What restaurant or bar would you recommend when in Amsterdam?

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