March 2017

Walking, Eating and Drinking in Downtown Charleston, South Carolina

March 28, 2017

When we spent a weekend in Charleston, South Carolina earlier this month, we enjoyed trying out a several dining and drinking establishments in this city known for its historic charm and hospitality. On Sunday afternoon, we headed downtown Charleston, the oldest part of the historic city.  Our first stop was to walk along the waterfront, which led us to […]

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Norwegian Cruise Line Increases Daily Service Charge. How to Avoid the Higher Cost

March 22, 2017

Norwegian Cruise Line recently announced a “nominal” adjustment to its daily service charges, beginning April 1, 2017.  Raising its “discretionary daily service charges,” as the cruise line calls its auto gratuities, seems to be common annual occurrence, as we reported a similar increase in February, 2015 that took effect on March 1, 2015.  Then there was […]

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7 Things to See or Do at Santa Cruz de La Palma

March 16, 2017

We have four friends visiting Spain’s Canary Islands, as well as many other wonderful destinations via the 56-Day Grand Mediterranean Cruise on the ms Prinsendam. We wish we could join them as the Canaries – the seven islands off of the coast of West Africa – are still on our bucket list. When we do visit, these are 7 things […]

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40 Interesting Facts About Charleston, South Carolina

March 10, 2017

1. The city of Charleston, South Carolina is located on the Atlantic Coast of the United States, roughly halfway between Washington D.C. and Miami, Florida. 2. Spread over 128 square miles, the heart of city is located on Charleston Harbor, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean formed by the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper […]

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