February 2017

Flying on Alaska Airlines Flight 62 ‘Milk Run’ Fairbanks to Seattle

February 24, 2017

Recently, I flew to Fairbanks, Alaska, round-trip from Kansas City, Missouri. My trip was booked last minute using frequent flyer miles on Alaska Airlines. From Kansas City, I had only one connection in Seattle to reach Fairbanks, Alaska. My return trip was a little more complicated. My return from Fairbanks began on Alaska Airlines flight #62, […]

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A Winter Walk in Fairbanks, Alaska

February 16, 2017

Last week, on February 9th, I woke up in Fairbanks, Alaska. Peering out the window of Room 225 at the Marriott Springhill Suites in downtown Fairbanks, this was the view just before 9 am local time. It is light outside. The birds are flying and the city is slowly springing into action. After a very […]

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Packing for a Winter Trip To Fairbanks, Alaska

February 8, 2017

I’m flying tonight on a last-minute trip to Fairbanks, Alaska. The temperature is expected to be as cold as negative 33 degrees F. Brr! That’s scary cold. What to wear/pack for -33 degrees below zero temperatures in Fairbanks? First, as always, I start with my bags. I want to be strictly carry-on for these flights, so […]

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24 Fun Facts About Fairbanks, Alaska

February 1, 2017

Fairbanks, with a population of 32,469, is the state of Alaska’s second largest city. It is located approximately 120 miles south of the Arctic Circle, on the banks of the Chena River. 1. The founding of Fairbanks can be traced to August 26, 1901 when E.T. Barnette created a temporary trading post on the banks of […]

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