Carter Bar & Kitchen, Amsterdam

by Janis on August 22, 2016

During our post-cruise stay at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, we set out to explore the neighborhood and look for a spot to enjoy a late lunch.
Outdoor drinking and dining, Carter Bar & Kitchen, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsA few blocks from the Hilton Amsterdam hotel, at the corner of Valeriusstraat and Emmastraat, we found the outside dining area of Carter Bar & Kitchen. The place looked popular, and there was an open table, so we ask to be seated.

Little did we know this would be our first of three visits during our Sunday – Tuesday stay.

cheese plate, Carter Bar & Kitchen, AmsterdamDuring our first visit, we ordered the cheese plate to accompany a beer for Mr. Jones, and a glass of rose wine for me. While there were a few American tourists like ourselves, the main clientele appeared to be locals from the neighborhood and/surrounding area in the Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter.

We appreciated the friendly and efficient servers, the diverse menu, and the feeling of “this could be our neighborhood place, if we lived here.”

When we returned the same evening for dinner, I enjoyed the Carter Salad, a light but filling mix of seasonal greens and vegetables, topped with goat cheese and hazelnuts. As we enjoyed the outdoor dining area once again, Mr. Jones tried the catch of the week, which was a platter of fresh fish and grilled vegetables in a light sauce. We both chose glasses of wines from the brief but well-curated selections.

We noted how much the children dining near us were enjoying their Oreo milkshakes, while their parents seemed to be enjoying cocktails, something we thought we might want to try during another visit.

bartender, Carter Bar & Kitchen, AmsterdamThe next evening, a Monday night, the interior restaurant was packed. You can make reservations at Carter Bar & Kitchen, but we were much too spontaneous during our vacation to plan ahead. We enjoyed a small table in the beautiful bar area, and watched the bartender do his magic.

Since gin is Holland’s most popular spirit, it was not too surprising to find 10 different versions of Gin & Tonic on the cocktail menu at Carter.

gin & tonics, Carter Bar & Kitchen, AmsterdamWe enjoyed the Gin & Tonic made with Monkey 47 gin, Fever Tree tonic, and flavored with fresh blackberries and lemongrass. These cocktails paired perfectly with the spring rolls and the grilled prawns.

Carter Bar & Kitchen is open daily from 11 am to midnight. Reservations can be made by phone from 11:00 am till midnight
or through seatme and e-mail 24 hours a day.

Have you visited Amsterdam recently? What was your favorite dining spot? 

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