Menu Favorites from the Tamarind Restaurant on the Koningsdam

by Janis on August 18, 2016

Since the Asian-inspired Tamarind Restaurant has been one of our favorite dining destinations at sea, we couldn’t wait to try it during our July cruise on Holland America Line’s ms Koningsdam.

soft shell crab, Tamarind Restaurant, Holland America's Koningsdam cruise shipIn addition to a new location on the ms Koningsdam, the Tamarind Restaurant featured some new menu items as well as the prior favorites. I loved the new crispy soft-shell crab appetizer, which was perfectly prepared.

sushi roll appetizer, Tamarind Restaurant, Holland America's Koningsdam cruise shipWe also enjoyed a sushi roll appetizer, with samples of three different rolls. If you choose sushi in the Tamarind, you can opt for Sashimi (slices of raw fish), Nigiri sushi (slices of raw fish with wasabi wrapped around rice), or a variety of rolls. Choose six of your favorites for an appetizer or 12 pieces from the list for a main course.

Penang Curry Chicken, Tamarind Restaurant, Holland America's Koningsdam cruise shipOne of our long-time favorite entrees is still featured on the Koningsdam’s Tamarind menu. It’s Penang Red Curry Coconut Chicken, which includes chicken and an assortment of fresh vegetables simmered in a spicy red curry and coconut milk sauce. (You can request the level of spicy heat that you prefer.)

Thai Basil Szechuan Shrimp, Tamarind Restaurant, Holland America's Koningsdam cruise shipThe still-popular Thai Basil Szechuan Shrimp entree is packed with fresh vegetables and is sauteed with a chili pepper glaze.

Barramundi in Banana Leaf, Holland America's Koningsdam cruise shipA new dish for us: the Barramundi in Banana Leaf, which is presented in its wrapped form.

unwrapped - Barramundi in Banana Leaf, Holland America's Koningsdam Once the server unwraps the banana leaf, you get to enjoy a beautiful and tasty piece of fish covered with shiitake mushrooms and a delightful mix of Asian spices and flavors.

Tamarind chocolate, Holland America's Koningsdam The signature Tamarind chocolate remains a popular dessert. A shell of bittersweet chocolate is filled with Tamarind-flavored chocolate and ginger mousse, with a little surprise kick of heat, offset by the fresh berries that surround it

Mango Cloud, Holland America's Koningsdam For a lighter dessert, we tried the Mango Cloud, a fluffy egg-white soufflé accompanied by mango sorbet. One does feel like they are eating a cloud; a very tasty cloud covered with fresh mango sauce.

Tamarind Restaurant, Koningsdam, Holland America LineWe also enjoyed the new location of the Tamarind Restaurant on the ms Koningsdam; it’s located at the aft end of Deck 10, overlooking the Sea View Pool.

view from the Tamarind Restaurant, Koningsdam, Holland America LineDuring one of our two visits to the Tamarind, we were seated with this glorious view watching the ship sail out of the Netherlands into the North Sea.  Along with the view, the restaurant features warm and gracious service, directed by Panca, the manager

In addition to these items we enjoyed on our recent cruise, the Tamarind menu still features most of the favorites from our prior visits, which you can view in this detailed post: A Look at the Tamarind Restaurant Menu on Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam.

The complimentary Dim Sum lunch, we also enjoyed, has been unfortunately eliminated. Instead you can order room service Bento Boxes (for a charge.)  Personally, we can’t imagine wanting to eat Dim Sum in our cabin, but it much appeal to some cruisers.

Dining at the Tamarind

You will find the Tamarind Restaurant on three Holland America ships:  the ms Eurodam, ms Nieuw Amsterdam and ms Koningsdam. Dinner at the specialty restaurant costs $25.00 per person per visit, although 4 and 5 star Mariners receive a 50 percent discount, while 3 star Mariners receive a 25 percent discount.

Dining at the Tamarind is popular, so it is important to book your dinner reservations in advance, either through Holland America’s website, or by calling Ship Services at 1-800-541-1576.

Have you dined at the Tamarind on a Holland America ship? What was your favorite menu item?

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