Recalling Our 2015 Travels Through Starbucks Mugs
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Recalling Our 2015 Travels Through Starbucks Mugs

Northern Ireland Starbucks mugs

Northern Ireland Starbucks mugsWe are not typically shoppers when we travel.

We prefer to collect destinations and experiences rather than things. We do enjoy a good cup of coffee, however, and try to enjoy a local version during our travels.

cappuccino, Cochon DingueLike this cappuccino, pictured above, enjoyed with crepes in Cochon Dingue in Quebec City.  If we are in a new-to-us destination, we also try to find a Starbucks. Usually, we don’t buy coffee, but we do like to collect Starbucks mugs. We also like to note the similarities and differences in Starbucks around the world, from the decor, to the food, to the prices.

When we are home, we drink lots of coffee. It is always fun to grab a Starbucks mug from the cabinet shelves, and be transported back to the memories of a destination while getting caffeinated.

Starbucks mugs from AsiaIt’s also a good way to look back on our past year of travels. We began 2015 in Asia, specifically in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia towards the end of a 14-Day Asian Holiday cruise on Holland America’s Volendam.

We found the Malaysia mug and Kuala Lumpur tumbler at a Starbucks in the Egyptian-inspired Sunway Pyramid shopping mall, while Exploring Kuala Lumpur By Taxi from Port Kelang, Malaysia.

The Beijing mug was acquired in the Beijing airport, during an extended layover between our Air China’s ‘Forbidden Pavilion’ First Class Flight Service.

and Amsterdam Starbucks mugsAt the end of May we visited the beautiful Belgium cities of Gent (or Ghent) and Antwerp. We found Starbucks during our stays in each destination.

After visiting historic Gent, we took the train to Amsterdam. Our trip ended with an overnight in the Hilton Hotel attached to the Amsterdam Schiphol airport, so we added to our mug collection from the AMS Starbucks location.

Starbucks in Belfast, Northern IrelandWhen your overnight flight arrives early in the morning and you can’t get into your hotel room, a Starbucks visit provides much-need caffeine, Wi-Fi and a bathroom. During a Sunday morning arrival into Belfast, Northern Ireland, we were happy to find the Starbucks across from the historic yellow Jaffé Fountain, and collected the two mugs pictured at the top of this post.

Boston Starbucks MugWe did not find city-specific Starbucks mugs in the Canadian cities during our Canada and New England cruise, but we did find all of the best places for lobster rolls.

Boston Starbucks MugWhen our cruise ended in Boston, Mr. Jones picked up this over-sized Starbucks mug at the airport. He loves its large coffee capacity and subdued Starbucks branding.

transatlantic cruiseDuring a November transatlantic cruise, we visited three port cities in Spain.

Although the hunt for Starbucks was sometime intense, we got mugs in Alicante and Malaga. (A hint: the Starbucks are often inside of El Corte Inglés department stores.

Spanish Starbuck mugsPlus, while we stayed in Cadiz, our friends took a tour to Seville and brought us a mug from that city. (It’s interesting how some cities use the local spelling on their mugs, while others use the English spelling of the city; i.e. Sevilla and Gent rather than Seville and Ghent.)

Puerto Rico Starbucks mugFittingly, we spent the last day of 2015 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, were we picked up the latest edition to our mug collection.

Do you collect Starbucks mugs? Where’s your favorite from? Please share in comments below. 

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