The Joys of Transatlantic Cruising

by Janis on November 12, 2015

Transatlantic cruisingOn November 2nd, we were scheduled to set sail from Barcelona, Spain to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam cruise ship.

Bad weather occurred one day in Barcelona, Spain recently. It was the day our ship was scheduled to dock and take on 1,100 new guests, including us. High winds and pelting rain caused the port to close. Our ship sailed away from the storm, and the cruise line accommodated all of us waiting in the terminal in Barcelona hotels.

When we boarded the next day, we were advised of a revised itinerary, due to the one-day delay: our ship would still visit the three schedule ports in Spain, but one day later. We would not, however, be able to make the scheduled call in the Azores.

This was a bummer, as we were really looking forward to visiting the Azores, a new destination for us. Plus, we would now have eight straight days at sea, without any land stops, rather than the scheduled six days, followed by a port day, followed by two days at sea.

We reminded ourselves that a large part of enjoying travel is adapting to whatever surprises that come your way.

Nieuw Amsterdam cruise shipThe joys of sea days as one sails across the Atlantic Ocean, particularly during relatively calm seas, are immense.

  • Meeting other like-minded travelers who enjoy the journey as much as they enjoy exploring the world.
  • Coffee with extra espresso shots amid a library filled with New York Times bestsellers.
  • Competitive card games. (We only play cards at sea.)
  • Afternoon naps in a stateroom with a comfy bed covered with cool cotton sheets.
  • Evening laps around the teak promenade deck, while witnessing colorful sunsets.
  • Delightful food and wine at dinner.
  • Dancing the night away to the live music in the BB King Blues Club.
  • Blissful sleep due to the gentle rocking of the ship.
  • The peace that comes from seeing nothing but blue skies and blue ocean for days on end.

What’s your favorite joy of a transatlantic cruise?

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