March 2015

15 Fun Facts About Alicante, Spain

March 31, 2015

We are planning a fall transatlantic cruise, and may have a stop at the port city of Alicante, Spain. Since it is a new destination for us, we wanted to learn more before we visit.  Alicante is a city and historic Mediterranean port on Spain’s Costa Blanca. Alicante is also the capital city of Spain’s fourth most populous province, […]

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The # 1 Most Frequent Photos in a Road Warrior’s Photo Stream

March 30, 2015

If you look at our photo stream that is set up to sync from our iPhones into Dropbox, you will see a high frequency of photos that look like this one: Most people would probably wonder what all of those photos of numbers are doing interspersed between photos of destinations, food and our Princess cat. […]

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Daily Programs from a Caribbean Cruise on Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam

March 29, 2015

Often, we hear from people who have never been on a cruise say they won’t consider taking one is because they think they will be bored.Other folks our age say they don’t want to consider taking a cruise on Holland America Line is because “it’s a cruise line for old folks.”  We’ve been cruising on […]

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Exploring the Cuban Coffee and Food Culture in Key West, Florida

March 27, 2015

A February 8th article in the New York Times Travel Section caught our attention: In Key West, A Taste of Cuban Coffee Culture.  We had an upcoming visit to Key West on a 7- Day Western Caribbean cruise, and we kept the article in our trip planning file to check out some of the places mentioned for Cuban cafe […]

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