Collecting Starbucks Coffee Mugs Around the World

by Janis on May 21, 2014

Starbucks, DublinDo you have anything that you “collect” when you travel?

When we travel, we rarely spend time shopping.

We prefer to collect countries, destinations and experiences rather than things to lug home.

We do, however, love coffee.

Good coffee.

Every morning when he’s home, Mr. Jones grinds beans to a fine powder, boils water, and manually brews each cup through a cone lined with a Melitta 2 paper filter.  

Jeff’s Jumping Java gets your blood flowing. When, I make coffee, I put a Jet Fuel K-Cup in the Keurig coffee maker.

Regardless of who makes the coffee, it’s nice to drink it from a mug that transports you back to a travel memory.

We admit it: we collect Starbucks coffee mugs during our travels. 

Starbucks mugs London, ArgentinaOur collection of Starbucks mugs is not pristine. Over time, we chip or break long-time favorites. We liked the mugs from a few years ago that were larger than the more recent ones.

Starbucks, Istanbul, TurkeyIt’s fun to compare the similarities and the differences in Starbucks in various parts of the world. This Starbucks (above) offers a nice place to recover from a visit to Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Starbucks, Edinburgh, ScotlandWe always check out the local food offerings. Starbucks in Edinburgh, Scotland offers a Cheese and Marmite Panini.

Starbucks Juhu Beach, MumbaiA Chatpata Paratha Wrap and a Spicy Red Bean Sandwich as featured at the Juhu Beach Starbucks in Mumbai, India.

Starbucks Juhu BeachPeople-watching is always interesting at Starbucks, as is checking out the different location designs.  The store pictured above is in Mumbai, India.

Buenos Aires StarbucksIn the upscale Faena Art District of Buenos Aires, you enter the Starbucks through a giant green velvet curtain.

Buenos Aires StarbucksThis Starbucks also features a wall mural that incorporate local images with corporate brand icons.

Starbucks mugs - Beijing, BudapestSome of our favorite mugs from are Beijing and Budapest.

Paris and London StarbucksWe like holiday mugs that include the year we visited, like this from Paris and London.

Starbucks, Qutar and ManilaThe mugs are a fairly light item to bring home, although we’ve learned to ask for a box to pack them in.

Starbucks, SeattleOf course, we couldn’t pass up a mug from the original store where it all started.

Starbucks, San DiegoOne of our all-time favorites reminds us of why we like San Diego. Every sip reminds you that it’s the “74 and sunny” destination.

While we like collecting Starbucks mugs, we are not on a mission to visit all of the company’s locations around the world, like this man who has already drank coffee at 11,676 Starbucks locations, according to the Daily Mail.

Where’s the most unique Starbucks that you’ve visited? Please share in comments below. 

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