7 Parks In The United States I Want To See

by Taysha Ham on August 15, 2013

Every year my grandparents take their RV and travel around the United States with a few of their friends.  One year they traveled around Alaska, another year they went to South Dakota, and this year they drove through Utah.

I have heard all of their stories about the amazing places they have seen.  Having been born and raised in New Mexico, I have traveled around neighboring states but there are a lot of places within the United States that I would like to see.

Here are 7 places that I want to see within the United States!  They are all state or national parks.

Niagara Falls

1.  Niagara Falls State Park – With its millions of gallons of water cascading down the slopes, Niagara Falls has always been on my traveling bucket list.  There are several different ways to experience the park.  You can take a guided tour and see all the sights, or discover the park on your own time. Photo by Saffron Blaze. 

Yellowstone National Park

2. Yellowstone National Park – I grew up hearing stories about this national park; it sounded more like a place from a storybook instead of an actual destination.  Who has not heard of Old Faithful, the famous geyser at Yellowstone?  Full of gorgeous landscapes and a multitude of wildlife, this national park has a ton to offer any traveler.  Check out this post full of beautiful pictures and things you will not want to miss!

Glacier Bay

3. Glacier Bay National Park – Alaska has always held had an air of mystery to me.  Maybe it is because it looks so different from any place I am used to, or maybe because it is so far away.  I would love the opportunity to tour the giant glaciers by boat and experience just how massive they are, or visit via cruise ship.  Even the chance to go kayaking or take a hike through the wilderness shows just how much is available at this park.  Photo by Janquen. 

Redwood National Park

4. Redwood National Park – The pictures of these enormous redwood trees have always astonished me.  It is hard to imagine anything being able to grow that tall and wide.  I recently learned the park even has a wild coastline where you may get to see whales or sea lions. Photo by Michael Schweppe

Grand Canyon

5. Grand Canyon National Park – Having lived so close to Arizona, it is slightly surprising that I have not been to the Grand Canyon before.  Even if it is only to stop for a few minutes and peer down the gigantic canyon that is a mile deep and about 18 miles wide, it would be worth it.  But if you have more time, there are several different river trips available that give you a new take on the Grand Canyon! Photo by Drenaline.

Mount Rushmore

6. Mount Rushmore National Memorial – A little piece of American History displayed for all to see.  This is one place my grandparents traveled to in recent years.  Mount Rushmore also offers guided tours, where you can learn more about the Memorial as well as some of our nation’s history.  Photo by Dean Franklin.


7. Everglades National Park – This Park is very different than anything I have seen before.  Even the wildlife that live there- manatees, panthers, crocodiles – are things I’ve never seen outside of a zoo.  In order to see all there is in this Park, sight-seeing by boat is the way to go, and there are guided canoe tours offered to visitors.

Most of these parks are similar in that they have camping, hiking trails and guided tours.  But each one offers a unique experience and scenery you will not find anywhere else.  I cannot wait until I can check each of these off my travel list!

Have you been to any of these places?   Which National Parks would you add to the list?

Taysha HamTaysha Ham hails from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

A student at New Mexico State University, Taysha is majoring in agricultural communications with a minor in journalism.

This summer she is completing a social media internship for Venture Time Travel.

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