Destination Discovery – Granbury, Texas

by Taysha Ham on August 14, 2013


On a recent road trip to Stephenville, TX, we stopped in a cute little town called Granbury.  Although pulling into town it did not look different than any other Texas town, but it had more to offer than I expected.

VictorianHouseAs we drove into the city square the landscape began to change.  The housing developments and apartment complexes that we had encountered through Texas so far slowly faded and big, beautiful Victorian era houses emerged.

The houses were two-stories high, with wrap around porches and balcony windows.  They looked like life-sized doll houses, every girls dream.  They lined the streets leading to the Granbury Square Plaza.

Opera HouseThe Plaza is filled with everything from little shops, restaurants, the historic Granbury Opera House and Hood County Jail and Museum.

There was so much to see and we were running out of time, but we were able to make one loop around the square before we headed out of town.


I heard the town had a drive-in theater called Brazos, I have always wanted to go to a drive-in! We drove through Granbury on a Thursday and found out the theater was only open on the weekends.  So I will have to catch it the next time I am in town. I did learn that Brazos shows a double feature for only $20 for each car load.  We passed the theater on the edge of town.


Granbury offers a very unique glance into the past.  It was a lovely town and definitely worth the stop.

Have you been through Granbury?  What is your favorite thing about the town? Taysha Ham

Taysha Ham hails from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

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