5 Things You Must Have For Flights

by Taysha Ham on August 12, 2013

At some point all of us board a flight and realize we forgot something at home, and it is too late to turn back for it.  We all know how expensive things can be at the airport.

Here are some things you do not want to forget!

5 Things You Must Have For Flights

Snacks1. Snacks– While you can’t take any liquids over 3 ounces, you can take solid foods.  Packing your own snacks will help you save money at the airport as well as keep your tummy full during the flight.  This can help your budget since many airlines charge big bucks for food during flights.


2. Headphones– Whether they are for your phone, your iPod or for the movie playing during the flight, bringing a set of headphones with you is always a good idea!  I’d rather have a set of headphones with me and not need them, then want them and not have them.

3.  Magazines/Books – Bring reading materials with you to the airport! It will be cheaper and make the flight go by much faster if you have something to entertain yourself with.  Plus you will not have to worry about scavenging through the airport shops just for something you will enjoy reading.


4.  iPod– During your flight or while waiting in the airport, time can seem to move incredibly slow. I have found if I have some source of music, something to listen to it helps time pass a little bit faster!


5.  Jacket – It never fails, I always seem to get the window seat every time I forget to pack a jacket in my carry-on suitcase.  By the time I get off the plane I am as frozen as a Popsicle.  I have decided it is always nice to have a small jacket around, even if you do not use it to keep warm it can make a nice pillow also.

What is something you must have for flights?

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