July 2013

Destination Discovery: Yellowstone National Park

July 31, 2013

We have all heard about Yellowstone, but where is it really? California? No. Montana? Not sure. Wyoming? YES. Yellowstone National Park is located in the great state of Wyoming.   As some might know from previous posts, I recently traveled out west on a charter bus trip with my family. Check out this post about […]

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4 Reasons Why Should You Travel While You Are Young

July 30, 2013

Lately I have been thinking about how blessed I am by having traveled both nationally and internationally. I do not see  that many other individuals my age accepting the challenge to travel, and hopping on a plane or getting in a car to Los Angeles. Now, traveling does not always mean globetrotting around the country […]

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9 Things You Must See While In Belgium

July 29, 2013

Last Summer I spent about a month in the most beautiful European country – Belgium.  Before this trip I knew very little about Belgium and it was honestly not on my list of Top Places to Visit; but it surprised me.  Belgium is this bright green playground full of friendly, honest people.  If given the […]

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Photo Friday: The Hockey Hall of Fame

July 26, 2013

In downtown Toronto, this sculpture of hockey players is found on Yonge Street, outside of the Hockey Hall of Fame, which is located in a former Bank of Montreal building. The site is dedicated to the history of ice hockey, housing exhibits about players, teams and all kinds of hockey memorabilia. The vault of the […]

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