Planning a Cruise? 12 Helpful Tips

by Janis on April 18, 2013

Are you planning a cruise?

Whether it’s your first time on a ship, or you are ready to explore a new part of the world by sea, we’ve gathered some tips to help you enjoy your cruise.

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12 Helpful Tips For Planning Your Next Cruise

1. You don’t necessarily need a passport to go on a cruise, but it’s a good idea to have one anyway.  Some “closed-loop” cruises sailing roundtrip from a U.S. port don’t require a passport, even when visiting foreign ports. Read Do I need a passport to go on a cruise? for all of the specifics.

2. You can get a shipboard credit for every cruise you take.  How? Become a shareholder in the two largest cruise companies.  For details, check out How to Get an Onboard Credit For Every Cruise You Take.

3. The early bird gets the worm and those who book their cruises early get the best deals. See When Should I Book My Cruise Vacation? to learn more about buying cruises and airfare to get to the ship.

4. Learn what to expect on a cruise from first time cruiser Danielle Smith, who wrote 5 Things that Surprised Me On my First Cruise.

5. Despite the availability of delicious food 24/7 on a cruise ship one doesn’t have to come home from their cruise with extra pounds. Learn some strategies in How to Avoid Weight Gain While Enjoying Your Cruise.

6. Alaska is a perfect destination for a cruise or cruise tour. Read Visiting Alaska by Cruise Ship? Answers to Your 6 Top Questions and Cruising Alaska This Summer? 10 Tips for Planning Your Time in Port to get in the know before you go.

7. Sun seekers love to cruise the Caribbean and Mexico. Learn about one of the most popular Western Caribbean ports in 5 Travel Tips for Cruise Visitors to Cozumel, Mexico.

8. Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea offer sunny destinations, as well as art, history and culture. Learn more from Cruising the Mediterranean? 10 Tips to Make Your Cruise More Enjoyable.

9. Cruising provides a terrific opportunity to explore much of Europe, from the Polar Ice Cap to the Black Sea. Whether you want to explore Europe’s small towns along its historic rivers, marvel at the treasures of Scandic and Baltic cities, or explore Norway’s fjords, check out this post before you book a bus tripL Planning a European Vacation? 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Cruise.

10. Some of Europe most scenic views are from the deck of a cruise ship. See what we mean in this video post: 10 Best Views in Europe from a Cruise Ship.

11. Cruising is one of the best ways to visit remote or hard-to-reach destinations affordably.  Get inspired from 11 Out-of-the-Way Places Best Explored From a Cruise Ship

12. Most cruise lines forbid animals on board, but one line let’s you take Fido or Fluffy.  Learn which on in How to Take a Cruise With Your Furry Four-legged Friends.

Are you a cruise fan? What’s your best cruise tip? Please share in comments below.

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