Photo Friday: Candid Travel

by Janis on March 22, 2013


on Southwest flight

It’s Friday afternoon and we’re off to Chicago via Southwest Airlines. Here’s a candid photo taken on our flight. (It’s a good thing that Mr. Jones has long arms.)


on the Orange LineWe arrived a Chicago’s Midway airport, and wheeled our bags to the Orange Line on the Chicago “L” – an incredible deal to get you from either Chicago airport to downtown for $2.25.  Our work isn’t quite done for the day but Mr. Jones makes use of the commute.


Princess GracieEven Princess Gracie, our spoiled cat, isn’t immune from the candid photos.  Here’s she’s trying to shield her eyes from watching a painful scene — the unpacking and repacking of suitcases. (She knows this means her servants won’t be around to meet her every demand.

Chicago is one of our favorite quick weekend getaways.  What is yours?  Share your thoughts in comments below.

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