The Best of Photo Friday
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The Best of Photo Friday

We believe the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true when is comes to describing travel.

Even the best travel writing cannot convey a destination like a photo can, even when the photo is less than perfect.

While we are not particularly artful nor professional photographers, we take hundreds of photos during our travels. As Mr. Jones likes to say, “it’s easy to delete.”

Occasionally we have shared some of our photos during the past two and a half years as a part of Photo Friday -The Weekly Photo Challenge.   Photo Friday is a website where a  new photographic challenge is posted each Friday. Participants interpret the challenge and post their photos to their own sites and then submit their links to the Photo Friday site.

These are some of our favorite and/or most popular Photo Friday posts.  They are showcased here by region of the world where the photo was taken.

North America



South America

At Sea


Which Photo Friday Photo is your favorite? Please share below in comments. 

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