15 Fun Facts about Cornwall, England

by Janis on November 25, 2012

This is a guest post by Rachel Foxwell, a student at Iowa State University majoring in Hospitality Management, emphasizing on Travel and Tourism.

 Porthcurno beach in Cornwall, displaying its bountiful sands and blue waters.        Photo by Tom Chambers.

Here are 15 Fun Facts About Cornwall:

1.  Cornwall is the most southwest county of Great Britain, extending into the sea as a peninsula. 

2. The name Cornwall originates from the words “Cornovii” and “Waelas,” meaning hill dwellers and strangers.

3.  Cornwall boasts the longest coastline in Great Britain, extending 433 miles.

4.  The population of the county is 535,300.

Falmouth docks, the major port of Cornwall.  Photo by  Andy Roberts from East London, England.

5.  Truro is the only city in Cornwall, which is also the administrative center.

6.  Compared to the rest of Britain, Cornwall has relatively warm and sunny weather, making it a perfect beach destination.

7.  Cornwall and its beaches attract more than 5 million visitors a year.

8.  There are more than 75,000 cows in Cornwall, making Cornwall famous for its ice cream.

9.  In the 1900’s, half of the world’s tin came from Cornwall.

10.  A team of bakers from Bodmin, Cornwall, hold the record for baking the biggest Cornish pasty.  It weighed 1900 pounds and had a whopping 1,750,000 calories.

 Surfers on the west coast of Cornwall.     Photo by Jim Champion from Southampton, UK.

11.  The villages of Newquay and Porthtowan are popular destinations for surfers.

12.  Cornwall is famous for their cream teas, which they serve commonly with a Cornish split, or a slightly sweet white bread roll, rather than a scone. 

13.  The current Duchess of Cornwall is Camilla, wife of Charles, Prince of Wales.  Though Camilla is legally entitled to the title Princess of Wales, she chose to use Duchess of Cornwall out of respect for Charles’ first late wife Princess Diana.

14.  Cornwall has a vibrant folk music tradition, making folk festivals very popular throughout the county.

15.  Several types of beer are brewed in Cornwall, including stouts and ales. Doom Bar Bitter is the top-seller at Sharp’s Brewery in St Minver Lowlands, Rock, Cornwall.

Are you planning to visit Cornwall, England?  Here are three books to learn more:

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Rachel Foxwell – a native of Monona, Iowa – is completing a social media internship for VentureTime Travel.  Her ancestors hail from Cornwall.

Read more about her travel adventures – including her summer study in Europe – in her Rachel’s Realities blog.

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