11 Tips For Packing Lighter When You Travel

by Janis on November 7, 2012

Luggage for a tripLike many frequent travelers, we try to pack light when we travel.  Like many couples, packing lighter is often easier achieved by the husband (Mr. Jones) than for the wife (me).

As career road warriors, we’ve both worked on traveling lighter despite some issues that pose an ongoing challenge:

  • We are abnormally tall and wear large-sized shoes, making it nearly impossible to buy clothes or shoes on the road.
  • We must bring work technology with us —  those computers, cameras, tablets, phones, cords and batteries get heavy.
  • We avoid getting grumpy during long flights or inevitable delays by bringing a plentiful supply of reading material and entertainment with us.

Although we’ve gotten better over the years, we still find ourselves wishing we had brought a lighter load, especially related to our carry-ons.

With an upcoming international trip involving numerous plane changes and strict weight limitations, it seems like a good time to focus on how we can lighten our travel load.  We want to do so without sacrificing the clothes, shoes, or technology to keep us looking good, feeling good, and being productive while on the road.

This week we asked a group of friends to share their tips for packing lighter when they travel.

Here’s the List of 11 Tips For Packing Lighter When You Travel:  

From Evie of Overland Park, Kansas:

  • Take one half as much as you think you need.
  • You can’t beat the color black: black pants, black skirt, black shorts, and a bathing suit.

From Diane of Leawood, Kansas:

  • Limit how many shoes you take along. Plan a travel wardrobe that does not require different shoes with every outfit.

From Monica, of Des Moines, Iowa who recently traveled to Europe for 21 days with one backpack:

  • Roll instead of folding your clothes. Rolling clothes saved me a ton of space during our trip to Europe!

From Jamie, of Indianapolis, Indiana  who regularly travels for days with one carry-on:

  • Wear your heaviest clothing and shoes.
  • Try to travel with only one pair of shoes.
  • Sweaters are very bulky.
  • Jeans are bulky and uncomfortable in warm climates.
  • Roll up polo shirts, which prevents wrinkles, then rolled shirts can be tucked in to edges of suitcase.

Rachel of Ames, Iowa who spent last summer traveling in Europe, agrees:

  • I roll all of my clothes instead of folding them.
  • I am a shoe-addict, so I try to take half the number of shoes as I want to take!

What’s your tip for packing lighter when you travel?  

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