A Look Inside A Road Warrior’s Briefcase
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A Look Inside A Road Warrior’s Briefcase

In addition to two computers, here’s a look at what Mr. Jones carries in his briefcase during his business trips:

1) One manila file folder with printed hard copies of flight and hotel confirmations. Despite the best of all technology, sometimes it pays to have a printed hard copy — i.e. when it’s late and your cab driver doesn’t know how to find the hotel.

2) Verizon Mobile Hotspot that allows you to connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices to Mobile Broadband. This connects the two computers, iPhone and iPad to the internet from most anywhere with Verizon Wi-Fi.

3) An iPhone to talk, text, check email on the fly, and use all of our favorite travel apps. Mr. Jones keeps this in the outer pocket of briefcase for easy access on the plane between landing and the gate.

4) HP SlimTravel Power Replacement AC Adapter Carrying two computers and other technology makes for a heavy bag and sore shoulder. One way to cut the weight is to substitute a lighter travel computer plug for the heavy “brick” that normally comes with a lap top computer. This travel power cord also has a USB port for easy access to charge a phone or iPad.

5) Reading material. The Economist is a favorite. Most reading is done on the Kindle app via the iPad — but for takeoff, landing and taxi time — when electronic devices are not allowed to turned on — having something to read keeps one distracted from flight delays.

6) Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse It folds flat for easy storage, and then curves to perfectly fit your hand when you need it. Technically, some airlines don’t allow you to use wireless devices in the air, so Mr. Jones also carries a retractable travel mouse.

7) This USB Mobile Retractable Mouse has a retractable cord and takes up a small space.  Who needs more cords to tangle?

8) Behance Action Journal The key to Making Ideas Happen–according to productivity expert and author Scott Belsky– is to relentlessly capture ideas as they occur as well as the actions needed to turn those ideas into reality.  We both love these journals for capturing our work ideas and action steps.

9) An iPad for mobile entertainment.  The Kindle app is always filled with books to read. The iBooks app holds documents to read. Flipboard provides a quick view of the world via social media.  News 360 allows one to view news stories from different global perspectives. Netflix offers movies. The only reason to be bored when traveling with an iPad is when you run out of battery life.

10) A Anker 2-Port USB Wall Charger  since both the iPhone and iPad need charging — usually at night in a hotel room where power outlets are few and far in between. This charger powers up both devices at the same time.

11) A spare USB Data Sync Charger Cable for iPad/iPhone. It never hurts to have a spare cable.

12) Two flash drives, corralled on a key chain. Flash drives come in handy often enough to carry a spare.

13) A Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter allows you to connect two headsets or speakers to one jack, letting two people to watch the same movie via one computer, or offers an easy way to connect two mini-stereo speakers to an iPod.

14) Anker External Battery Power Bank because you never know when the power will go out, or you just can’t find a plug when you need one, this rechargeable battery device supplies back-up power for iPhones, iPads and a plethora of other electronic devices.

15) Several packs of Pre-Moistened Lens Cloths Wipes help keep computer, tablet and phone screens clean. They also are good for cleaning glasses and germ-filled television remotes and phone receivers in hotel rooms.

Do you travel frequently for business?  What’s in your briefcase?

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