Working While Traveling? You Need a Better Mouse

by Janis on November 28, 2011

During the last two weeks I was traveling with Mr. Jones on long flights during a working holiday.  I discovered one of his road warrior “toys” and, after using it once, had to have my own.

I’m talking about the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

A computer mouse? Well, this is no ordinary mouse.  It’s cool enough to be from Apple, but it’s made by Microsoft.

This mouse starts flat, easy for fitting into your briefcase, computer bag or backpack. 

This mouse is wireless and works on just about any surface from slick plastic to rough wood to carpet.  Up to 30 feet away from your computer according to Microsoft, (although I haven’t tested that claim yet.)

To use, you simply remove tiny USB transceiver magnetically connected to the underside of the mouse, and insert it into your computer’s USB port.

When you curve the mouse to fit your hand, it engages the mouse, which responses perfectly on your computer screen to your finger commands.   

Whether you are editing documents with tiny type, creating graphic slides or configuring a blog post, this mouse makes the job easier.

It surpasses all other computer tracking devices.  And when you loan your version to a co-worker or your spouse, they will not want to give it back.   

Is it any surprise that Mr. Jones got on Amazon straightaway and ordered me my own version? (He’s lucky I didn’t see the Sangria red or the Lucky Dragon versions.

It’s the little things that make working while traveling better: Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

What device makes it easier for you to work while traveling?   Please share your favorite in comments.

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