April 2011

Photo Friday: Lines

April 15, 2011

View from the Town of Kansas Pedestrian Bridge overlooking the Missouri River   Get a view of the birthplace of Kansas City, Missouri in historic River Market area from  the Town of Kansas Pedestrian Bridge  30 feet above the Missouri River. This 650-foot bridge spans the Town of Kansas archaeological site, two railroads and the “footprint” […]

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Destination Photo of the Week: Where”™s this tour boat?

April 11, 2011

A tour boat navigates one of the canals in a city known for water, parks and bicycles. What’s the city?  Hints: It’s a capital city situated on two islands This city was ranked the world’s 10th most expensive in 2010 More than one third of its workers commute via bicycles It’s a popular cruise ship […]

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Photo Friday: A Gondola Ride

April 8, 2011

Traversing Venice’s Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge The S-shaped Grand Canal cuts through central Venice, forming the major water-traffic corridor.  Tourists ride ornate gondolas, while locals and visitors navigate the canal via water buses (vaporetti), private water taxis and stand up ferries called traghettos. The Rialto Bridge – one of only four spanning the […]

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