5 Travel Books to Inspire Your Next Travel Adventure

by Janis on March 15, 2011

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Today: 5 Books to Inspire Your Next Travel Adventure

We love books as much as we love travel.  And, while we buy fewer hardcover books since we’ve become Kindle owners, our travel books are ones that an electronic copy will never replace.

Whenever we have a spare moment to think about our next travel adventure, these five coffee table books are nearby, waiting to tempt us for a few minutes of travel  dreaming and scheming.  

5 Travel Books to Inspire Your Next Trip

1. Know that October is the only time available for your next journey?  Where To Go When (Eyewitness Travel Guides), a gorgeous oversized book filled with jaw-dropping photos, recommends the best places to visit in the world during each month of the year.

2. Next on our coffee table is Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips.  This book is divided into nine sections, each focusing on a different type of journey,  with categories such as “Across Water”, “By Rail”, “On Foot” “In Gourmet Heaven, and “In their Footsteps”– pilgrimages for “readers, dreamers and history fans”.

Each page showcases a different journey, includes photos, a map, an overview, highlights, and useful information such as when to go, how long you need, and key websites

3. Various sources disagree on what makes a country, but we like Lonely Planet’s 231 “countries” profiled in The Travel Book A Journey Through Every Country In the World. This small but thick book lists all of the travel essentials and stats on each country such population, languages spoken and area size. Kind of like geography textbook, but so much more interesting and compelling.  A must for country collectors! (According to this book we’ve visited 72 of its countries.)

4. One of the ways we love exploring the world is by cruise ship so we’ve long enjoyed Voyages: The Romance of Cruising
with photographs by Harvey Lloyd and details of many of the world’s best 100 destinations to be visited via a cruise ship.

5. Finally, our longest-held coffee table book that has inspired our travels is Hugh Johnson’s  World Atlas of Wine.
While our 4th edition is old and faded, it has inspired many of our adventures, from Germany’s Mosel to Chile’s Casablanca Valley to Italy’s Alto Adige to the oldest vine in Slovenia.  The most recent 6th version is by Hugh Johnson and Janics Robinson (who’s wine columns we enjoy in the Financial Times.) 

What books inspire your travels?   Please share in comments.  

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