Beat the Chicago Traffic: downtown from airports only $2.25
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Beat the Chicago Traffic: downtown from airports only $2.25

Tuesday night Chicago was hit with its third heaviest recorded snowfall with 20.2 inches received at O’Hare according to the National Weather Service. Cars were stranded for up to 12 hours on Lake Shore Drive.

My Wednesday flight into Chicago was canceled. Yet today, one day post blizzard when Chicago area schools were still closed –I was able to get from Chicago’s Midway airport to downtown in about 20 minutes. The cost? Only two dollars and twenty-five cents.

How did this happen?

I rode the Chicago Transit Authority’s Orange Line “L” train.

Chicago is always a tough traffic city

In  Wall Street Journal article Wednesday, Chicago tied with Washington D.C. as the two worst US cities for traffic delays. Not counting blizzards. The article quoted a Texas Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Report, which indicated the average Chicago driver wastes 70 hours each year tied up in traffic jams.

 The “L” Train Beats the Traffic for Visitors to Chicago

One place that isn’t jammed: getting downtown from either airport via the Chicago Transit Authority’s “L” trains. For a $2.25 one way fare, travelers ride from Chicago Midway Airport on the Orange Line and are downtown in 20-25 minutes.

 From O’Hare, the Blue Line “L” takes about 45 minutes to get you downtown. Both lines run directly to their respective airports, which have signs to follow to directing passengers to the trains.

Details for Chicago Visitors from the CTA

Click here for a links to airport details, visitor information and a Downtown Sightseeing Guide from the Chicago Transit Authority.

 What’s your favorite city for getting to the airport via public transportation?

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