October 2010

Photo Friday: The Barbary Apes of Gibraltar

October 29, 2010

One of Gibralter’s famous Barbary Apes at the top of The Rock. A 7-minute cable car ride transports you to the top of “The Rock” of Gibraltar. Besides stunning views, the Rock is known for being home to Europe’s only Barbary Macaque population of tailless monkeys. Locally, the monkeys are referred to as Barbary Apes. […]

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Destination Discovery: Swallow’s Nest, near Yalta, Ukraine

October 27, 2010

Small fairytale castle Swallow’s Nest overhangs a cliff above the Black Sea, near Yalta, Ukraine. Hovering precariously on the Aurora Cliff 130 feet above the Black Sea, Swallow’s Nest is a small Neo-Gothic castle designed by Russian architect Leonid Sherwood. In 1911 Baron von Steinheil, a Baltic German noble who made his fortune developing Baku oilfields, […]

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Destination Photo of the Week: A Castle on a Sea Cliff

October 25, 2010

This castle overhangs a cliff 130 feet above the sea.  What is the name of the Castle? Where is it located?  Hints: The castle survived a serious earthquake. It was built between 1911 and 1912. Today it’s an Italian restaurant. Be the first to post your answer in comments. Check back on Wednesday for a post on the destination. […]

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Photo Friday: A “Periscope” is home to the Netherlands Maritime University

October 22, 2010

Photo Friday: “The Periscope” Inspires Maritime Students Blue and white corrugated panels in a checkered pattern convey the image of stacked shipping containers while the cantilevered conference room provides students with inspiring views of the nearby Port of Rotterdam.  Designed by Neutelings-Riedijk Architects, the Shipping and Transport College building on the Maas river in Rotterdam […]

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