A Travel Chat with an Investment Advisor: Terri Marriott Kirley
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“You can read about other parts of the world, but until you experience it, you don”™t truly appreciate what is out there.” — A Travel Chat with an Investment Advisor.

Traveler Interview:  Terri Marriott Kirley   

Investment advisor Terri Kirley appreciates the education that travel provides. This photo is from her recent hiking trip to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Based in Leawood, Kansas, Terri Kirley owns and operates Monaco Wealth Management, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm established in 2006.    

Terri provides clients with straight forward information and analysis necessary to make sound personal investment decisions, drawing on her extensive experience as a CPA, CFO, entrepreneur and investment advisory manager/compliance officer for a national law firm.   

If you have a sudden “wealth-enhancing” event like selling your business, an inheritance or winning the lottery, Terri can help you.  She enjoys helping people understand investing so that it isn’t overwhelming.   

Besides providing investment advice, Terri enjoys traveling. She and her husband recently returned from a Backroads hiking trip in Peru where they climbed Machu Picchu. We wanted to learn more about Terri’s travels.         

Peruvian children in The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco, Peru. Photo by Terri Kirley

The Jones:  What inspires you to travel?   

Terri:  Hearing of the experience of others makes me want to travel.  I had opportunities when I was a bit younger and I regret I didn’t take advantage of them.   

I wasn’t on an airplane until I was out of college.  Travel was not part of my childhood, so it was outside of my comfort zone.  Now I want to get in as much travel as possible while I am able.   

Have you always enjoyed travel? What contributed to your love of travel?   

Terri:   Once I started traveling, I loved it.  Discovering how interesting other parts of the world are and how fun the people you meet are has contributed to my love of travel.    

If we could only travel without sitting on an airplane for so long.   

What is your favorite destination?  Why?    

Terri:    I am not sure I can really narrow this down as I have a couple for different reasons.  First, Hawaii, because we went there for our honeymoon and because Hawaii is always perfect.   

Australia and New Zealand would be my second choice.  You could experience all of the geological aspects of the US in a condensed area.  The fact that English is the language made it very easy to spend lots of time there.   

What destination has surprised you the most, either good or bad?   

Terri:     Two places surprised me.  Peru surprised me the most.  It had so much to offer.  The description in the brochure of the places and things we would see did not do it justice.    

Peru was so amazing that I am not sure I can put it into words.  Each day was better than the previous day.  And the people were so friendly and interesting.   

 Istanbul, Turkey was also a positive surprise.  We were there in January 2001 on business and we found the history fascinating and the people very loving.  In one week’s time we gained lifelong friends.    

What did you like most about Peru? Was anything about it out of your “comfort zone”?   

Terri:     I don’t know if I can pinpoint what I like most.  I enjoyed every day, every place and all of the people.  There was nothing outside my comfort zone, which is saying a lot because I am a timid traveler.      

Often referred to as "The Lost City of the Incas", Machu Picchu is situated on a mountain ridge 7,970 ft. above sea level. Most archaeologists believe it was built for the Inca emperor Pachacuti (1438-1472).

Why do you think that travel is important?   

Terri:   The education travel provides.  You can read about other parts of the world, but until you experience it, you don’t truly appreciate what is out there.    

And, as interesting and fabulous as other countries are, each time I return home to the USA, I love and appreciate our country even more.  There is no place like home!   

What “tip” have you learned from your travels that you’d share with others?   

Terri:    Always try to learn some of the language.  The locals warm up and are very helpful if you show them some respect by at least attempting to speak their language.   

 I have found that if they speak English, they will revert to English in order to help you out.   

From your travels, do you have a practice or insight that makes your travel experiences more enjoyable?       

Terri:    Pack light!   

What fuels your travel passion? Please share in comments.           

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  • Monica September 23, 2010, 11:46 am

    I totally agree with Terri’s outlook on travel! I wish I could do much more traveling because I love learning about new places. Hawaii is also where we went on our honeymoon, and remains one of my favorite places. 🙂

  • janis September 23, 2010, 1:59 pm

    Thanks for your comment, Monica. We look forward to hearing more about your travel adventures!

  • Siem reap February 2, 2011, 4:25 am

    Travel to somewhere like Cambodia. See the Cambodian’s rebuilding their lives piece by piece after being shattered by the Khmer Rouge as well as the Vietnam War. Or travel to southern Africa and stare at the grandeur of the Victoria Falls. These experiences can change your perspective on what definitely matters in life.