Don”™t Let Generation Y Have All of the Traveling Fun

by Janis on September 7, 2010


We're not Gen Y but we are going to have a fabulous time exploring Sonoma County wineries

Terrific Travel Tips from the Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival

Several months ago, Emily Gerson from Maiden Voyage decided to create a Travel Blog Carnival  that gives  bloggers a chance to showcase their favorite travel posts. Readers get a one-stop-blog-post  re-capping the prior month’s best travel posts.

Jeff and I (Traveling With the Jones)  were thrilled have our post 6 Favorite Wine Bars included in the recently published 3rd Edition of  The Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival edited and posted by Backpackingmatt.

Wine tasting and a Tuscan lunch at Kachina Vineyards in Sonoma County's Dry Creek Valley

If you’ve seen our photo or know us, you are likely aware that we are not a part of Generation Y.  We may be well past our 20’s (thank goodness) but we love exploring the world and sharing our travel discoveries.  Other traveler’s blogs inspire and inform us,  regardless of the age of the traveler sharing them.

The  Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival 3rd edition provides some interesting travel tidbits, like the informative Guide to South American Steaks and Meat from Q Tripper (with terrific photos, pronunciation guide & illustration of cow parts) along with Road Trippin’ in Northwest Argentina   from  Never Ending Voyage.  Both are helpful for our upcoming November trip to Buenos Aires.

The earlier editions of the Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival also provide some insightful travel discoveries.

Check out the 1st Edition Travel Blog Carnival here   

And the 2nd Edition here.  

So don’t let Gen Y have all of the travel fun.  Get going on planning your next adventure.

Do you use blogs to help plan your travels?  What are your favorite travel blogs?  Please share in comments.

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