Video: up close with an alligator
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Video: Up Close with an Alligator in Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana

Get up close with an alligator with Cajun Encounters Tour

From New Orleans, it is only a 40 minute drive to Honey Island Swamp.  Cajun Encounters offers a tour from New Orleans, with pick-up from your hotel.  Or, if you have a car, you can drive to the swamp for the tour.  See prices and details here.

Honey Island Swamp Tour

Never having been to a swamp, it was easy to imagine creepy things and lots of mosquitos.  I was pleasantly surprised — no insects, and a fascinating, peaceful tour of the swamp. 

Wild hog piglet tries to climb in boat

Of course, there were up close encounters with animals: first, some young pigs from a wild hog’s litter.  They were practically in the boat to get the marshmallows the boat captain/tour guide tossed to them.  While these young hogs were friendly, he said adult wild hogs are not.

As we progressed through a river into the swamp, our guide charmed up with tails of swamp life, explaining the history of the Cajun people in the area. 

We traveled in a quiet boat with about 20 people.  Soon we arrived in an area with alligators.  The other Cajun Encounters tour boat was ahead, so we watched as the alligators came out to greet the boat, and to jump for the hot dogs and/or marshmallows the guides gave them.

feeding the alligator in Honey Island Swamp

We learned the difference between alligators (docile animals) and crocodiles (not docile). Honey Island Swamp only has alligators.  

Alligator up close

Our boat also glided through a nature preserve in the swamp.

This is a great tour for kids young and old; we all enjoyed it.

We enjoy exploring unusual sites, and always enjoy a guide who’s knowledgeable and passionate about their subject.   What’s your favorite tour?  Please share in comments   

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