Traveling to Southeast Asia? 8 Favorite Things about Flying on Thai Airways

by Janis on June 18, 2010

8 Favorite Things on Thai Airways

Amenities kit and hot pink blanket in Business Class on Thai Airways

Going to Thailand or other destination in Southeast Asia?  I just experienced a 16+ hour flight from Los Angles to Bangkok on Thai Airways, and I am a fan. 

I’m traveling to Singapore on a Business Class Award Ticket booked with United Airlines miles by Mr. Jones only in the past three weeks.  He’s a pro at finding frequent flier tickets; full details on his process will be in a future post.  One hint: he makes use of all Star Alliance Partners.  In this case, my flight includes US Airways, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, and for the return, Singapore, Asiana Airlines and United Airlines, giving me perfect opportunity to compare a number of airlines. 

Here are my 8 favorite things about Thai Airways:

  1. Non-stop service from the flight crew.  Men in suits and women in long skirts provide gracious, unobtrusive service non-stop for more than 16 hours with a smile and Zen-like attitude to all classes of service.
  2. Royal Silk business class.  The offering lives up to its promise “Royal Orchard Service will make your journey Smooth as Silk.”
  3. Comfortable seats with back massaging function.  While the business class seats do not extend completely flat, they do have at least 15 different control buttons to adjust for your comfort and for sleeping.  The massage button for your back is a nice touch.
  4. Entertainment options abound.  Each seat has a large screen with a wide selection of current and classic movies, television programs, music, and interactive games and maps.  I watched three different recent movies during my flight.
  5. Clean bathrooms with quality toiletries.  Bathrooms rarely stay clean on long flights; these did – likely because the crew was cleaning them inflight? I wanted to buy the large tube of the Thann brand of moisture lotion. 
  6. Delicious fresh food.   The menu has both international and Thai options for three full meals.  All included fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables.
  7. Ideal cabin lighting.  To make sleeping easier, the crew announced the timing of meals, and completely darkened the cabin after each meal for easy sleeping.
  8. Pink and purple color scheme.  The seats are purple. The blankets are hot pink. The colors of orchids.  The colors added to the soothing ambiance.

While a long flight is generally something to endure rather than enjoy, my first experience with Thai Airways Royal Silk business class was a pleasant part of the journey.  I arrived in Bangkok well-rested and ready for the rest of my journey.              

Have you traveled to Southeast Asia?  What’s your favorite airline?

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