May 2010

6 Reasons For Frequent Fliers to Love Southwest Airlines

May 15, 2010

I always admired Southwest Airlines’ business model and its low fares, frequent flights and easy-to-earn free tickets.  But – like many frequent fliers — I didn’t like the first come, first to get plastic boarding cards or even the “be-up-at-midnight-so-you-could-get-a-good-boarding-position online system.  But last year, Southwest started to improve its offering for business travelers. While […]

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The 5 things we never fly without

May 6, 2010

    5 things I never fly without (Mrs. Jones) 1)      My Kindle (before owning a Kindle, multiple books) 2)      Magazines and newspapers for catch-up reading 3)      My journal and pens that don’t explode 4)      My iPhone 5)      A plastic bag for trash   5 Things I never fly without (Mr. Jones) 1)      Noise Cancelling ear buds […]

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Kansas City and Barbecue

May 5, 2010

  Kansas City is known for its barbecue — Arthur Bryant’s, Fiorella’s Jack Stack, and Gates are some of the most legendary.  Our favorite is the Gladstone location of Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, located in a strip-mall like location at 6304 North Oak.    Even as you pull into the lot, you can smell the pit – the […]

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The blog resumes.

May 4, 2010

Three years ago today we set sail from New York aboard a cruise ship.  Our initial planned destination – 39 days later – was Athens, but that turned out just to be the starting point of a summer exploring Europe from the Black Sea to the Polar Ice Cap. In our mid-forties, we had quit […]

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