Day 66: Train from Ljubljana to Innsbruck: Sunshine to Tyrol

by jonezy on July 9, 2007

On Slovenian train from Ljubljana to Innsbruck

This morning we left Ljubljana after 8 days in Slovenia. We are now traveling on a train to Innsbruck, Austria. Austria will be the 16th country of our trip, after visiting Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

From Ljubljana, we rode the same train to Schwarzach-St. Veit, Austria, although the route # changed after the Austria border, and we made a 20 minute stop to add rail cars. In Schwarzach-St. Veit, we exited the first train and boarded Austrian train 668 to Innsbruck. The first train was late, but luckily, the connecting train was also 20 minutes late.

The view from our Slovenian train at Lesce-Bled station.

As we neared Schwarzach-St. Veit, we passed through beautiful mountains and green valleys. One of the stops was Bad Gadstein – an alpine and spa city we visited during our December, 1997 Salzburg, Austria trip – our first visit to Europe together. On that trip, we took the cable car to the top of the ski slope. We also passed through Zell am Zee, another Austrian ski and lake town that we enjoyed 10 years ago when everything was covered in lots of snow. Today, just as we headed our train left Zell am Zee, the sun disappeared and the rains started. We definitely are not in the Mediterranean any longer.

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