While visiting Osaka, we wanted to try teppanyaki, a style of Japanese cuisine where food is cooked on an iron griddle.

The concierge at our hotel’s executive lounge recommended Rin-Tei, and made a reservation for us.

Teppanyaki at Rin-Tei in Osaka, JapanRin-Tei is located in the Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno in the Tennoji /Abeno area. This teppanyaki restaurant was less than a 10-minute walk from our hotel (the Osaka Marriott Miyako.)

Upon our arrival, we were seated at two seats around the iron plate cooking griddle. While the set-up seemed similar to Benihana restaurants in the United States, the menu options were very different.  The chefs at Rin-Tei were very serious about cooking a five-course fine dining menu, right in front of you.

Teppanyaki chef at Rin-Tei in Osaka, JapanThe Rin-Tei seats only 17 people and for our 7:30 pm reservation on a Monday night, there were only a few other guests.

We were given a choice of five different fixed menus, each with five or more courses. I choose the Amber menu, while Mr. Jones went for the Lapis menu, since it added a foie gras dish, which he loves.  Our waiter helped us choose wines by the glass that would pair nicely with our food.
appetizer - Rin-Tei in Osaka, Japan
First we were served an appetizer of seared tuna. It provided an explosion of flavors, and hinted at the quality of food to come.

The next course was a soup described as a “cappuccino of cauliflower, with the flavor of espresso.”  Something might have been lost in English translation, but the soup was creamy, tasty and quickly devoured.

foie gras - Rin-Tei in Osaka, JapanMr. Jones enjoyed his foie gras, which had been perfectly prepared by the chef on the iron griddle in front of us. Besides eating great food, we got an up-close view of how it was prepared.

fish course - Rin-Tei in Osaka, JapanThis was my fish course from the basic Amber menu.

Lapis menu fish course - Rin-Tei in Osaka, JapanThis was the Lapis menu fish course. We appreciated how careful and artfully each course was plated in front of us.

Teppanyaki preparation - Rin-Tei in Osaka, JapanWatching the teppanyaki preparation was as much fun as eating the food and drinking the wine. While the sauces were made in advance, and assistants brought the pre-cut meat and vegetables to the chefs, their sense of timing and ability to cook and plate each dish was impressive.

beef preparation - Rin-Tei Teppanyaki restaurant, Osaka, JapanEach diner’s beef was prepared to meet their request. The small pieces of beef were used to flavor the rice.  We could see the quality marbling in the Japanese beef.

beef and vegetables - Rin-Tei Teppanyaki restaurant, Osaka, JapanThe perfectly cooked beef was served with root vegetables. Garlic chips, wasabi, sauces and seasoning were presented for each guest to use as they desired. (The beef did not, in my opinion, need any enhancements.)

After we finished enjoying all of our main courses, we were invited to move to another room (away from the teppanyaki griddle) for coffee and dessert.  
dessert - Rin-Tei Teppanyaki restaurant, Osaka, Japan
As we sipped our coffee, we decided we had to taste the dessert offering that included cheesecake, ice cream and a berry compote. It was a sweet ending to a lovely meal.

If you are in Osaka, there are literally thousands of places to eat at all price points. If teppanyaki and/or fine dining are on your wish list, we recommend Rin-Tei. Reservations are essential.  Dinner menus start at 8000 Japanese yen per person, not including wine.

Do you enjoy teppanyaki? What is your favorite? 

Learn more about Japanese food with these books:

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evening view, Marriott Osaka Miyako hotelThe Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel occupies from 38th to 57th floors in Japan’s tallest building, the 60 story “Abeno Harukas” building.

While visiting Osaka, Japan in early October, we spent six nights at the Osaka Marriott Miyako, using Marriott Reward points.

Here’s a look inside room #4723, a corner room on the hotel’s 47th floor.

first view, room #4723, Marriott Osaka Miyako hotelThis was the first view as we walked into room #4723, Marriott Osaka Miyako.

All of the hotel’s 360 guest rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Osaka city.

corner view, room #4723, Marriott Osaka Miyako hotelWe redeemed additional Marriott points to book a corner room, and we loved the views of Osaka.

bed and closet, room #4723, Marriott Osaka Miyako hotelThe king bed was comfortable, and the closet was spacious in room #4723 at Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel.

deep soaking tub with a view, room #4723, Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel The bathroom offered a stand-alone shower plus a deep soaking tub with a view.

well-organized vanity, room #4723, Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel The bathroom vanity was well-organized.

amenities - Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel The little drawer contained a wide selection of toiletries. (The tooth brush box showcases a profile of the hotel’s building.)

Toto toilet - Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel We got used to the heated seat of the Toto toilet.

work table, room #4723, Marriott Osaka Miyako hotelBack in the main living area of room #4723, we appreciated the work table near a bank of plugs and USB charging ports.

refreshment center - Marriott Osaka Miyako hotelThe refreshment center was another nice feature of room # 4723.  The left side of the cabinet hid a mini-bar/frig, and had room to add your own bottle of wine or water for chilling.  We loved the capsule espresso maker on top.

The cabinet on the right side opened to reveal two rows of pull-out drawers. One provided a secure storage place for wine and champagne glasses, as well as other glassware. A second pull-out shelf housed a ice bucket, a teapot and coffee and tea cups. It was all very Marie Kondo-like (the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing bestselling book.)

Best of all the views

Our favorite feature of  room #4723 at the Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel was the view.

daytime view from rm #4723 - Marriott Osaka Miyako hotelThis was the daytime of Osaka from room #4723.

sunset from room #4723 - Marriott Osaka Miyako hotelRoom #4723 was also a special place to watch the sunset over the Port of Osaka. (While the port is a way in the distance, this photo was taken from the window with an iPhone.)

night time view from room #4723 - Marriott Osaka Miyako hotelAnd the night time view from Room #4723. The tower that reminded us of a pepper grinder (in the upper right corner of the photo above) is the Tsutenkaku Tower.

Our Bottom LineRoom Tour -- #4723 -- Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel, JapanWe loved our stay in room #4723 at the Marriott Osaka Miyako Hotel during our early October trip to Japan.

See Mr. Jones’ complete review of the hotel here.

Have you visited Osaka, Japan? Do you have a favorite hotel room to share?

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Happy Halloween from the Marriott Osaka Miyako Hotel, Osaka, JapanDuring our early-October visit to Japan, we spent six nights at the Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel using Marriott Rewards points. (The hotel, similar to every retail establishment in Osaka it seemed, was promoting Halloween.)

The Abeno Harukas -- in Osaka, Japan. Photo by Oilstreet.

The Abeno Harukas — in Osaka, Japan. Photo by Oilstreet.

Located in the Tennoji /Abeno area of Osaka, this hotel is easy to spot from the distance as it is located on the 38th to 57th floors of the “Abena Harukas” — the tallest high-rise building complex in all of Japan.

Getting to the Hotel

We took the Kansai Airport Express HARUKA train from the Osaka Kansai Airport (KIX) directly to with Tennoji Station.

The ride took about 35 minutes and the Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel was right across the street from where we exited the train station.

Even though it’s close by, it was confusing trying finding the hotel from the Tennoji JR station. A local helped us and we followed the signs. The key is finding the bank of small elevators (near the entrance to the Harukas department store) that transport you up to the 19th floor reception.

elevators to Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel, Osaka, JapanMost of these elevators are used for access to the Harukas 300 observation deck which may have a long line. The first two elevators, however, are dedicated to the Marriott hotel.


Checking in on the 19th floor at the Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel was fast and almost overwhelming (in a good way). We were greeted at the elevator and our bags politely taken. We could have gone to the concierge lounge to check-in but the front desk had no line so we just headed there.

Check-in was painless, with the longest portion of the process being dedicated to reviewing everything in the welcome kit — Kintetsu store discounts, observation deck tickets, etc.

Platinum status welcome gift, Marriott Osaka Miyako hotel, JapanWe chose the beers and the cheese/cracker snack as our Platinum-status welcome gift.

This was delivered to our room shortly after our arrival. (It was unseasonably hot in Osaka during our visit, so a couple of ice cold Asahi “Dry” beers really hit the spot).

Hotel Room

We were assigned Room #4723, a corner room. (We used extra Marriott Rewards points to book a corner room, and we were very happy with our decision.)

corner room #4723, Marriott Osaka Miyako Hotel, Osaka, JapanThe room was one of the nicest non-suite rooms we have experienced at a Marriott. Room #4723 features a large living /working area, a terrific bath/shower/toilet, and floor-to-ceiling windows for incredible views day or night. Take our photo tour of Room #4723 here for an in-depth view.

Concierge Lounge

The Executive Club Lounge — located on the 38th floor — was a highlight of our stay at the Marriott Osaka Miyaka hotel.

Executive Club Lounge, Marriott Osaka Miyaka hotel, JapanThe high-ceiling lounge is a beautiful space. By the second day the staff called us by name.

Club Lounge hours, Marriott Osaka Miyaka hotel, JapanThe Executive Club Lounge was open from 6 am to 12 midnight, and served breakfast, afternoon tea, evening cocktails with food, following by bar service with complimentary beer, wine and cocktails until 9:30 pm each evening.

Club Lounge eggs with soy sauce, Marriott Osaka Miyaka hotel, JapanThe breakfast selection was diverse with western and Japanese options. I learned to appreciate my normal “over easy” eggs served with a side of soy sauce.

During the 5:30 to 7:30 pm evening cocktail time, the lounge offered  a carving station and a considerable selection of dishes as well as complimentary cocktails. We found it a perfect stop before heading out for dinner each night.

Club Lounge staff with the Jones, Marriott Osaka Miyaka hotel, JapanThe staff were always friendly and helpful. On the flight home we discussed the highlights of our Osaka trip and the amazing level of hospitality of the Concierge staff topped out list.

Overall Impressions

The Marriott Osaka Miyako Hotel exceeded our high expectations and we would return here without hesitation.

We found the hotel staff  offered gracious and polished hospitality.  The Executive Club Lounge was a relaxing, welcoming space with a stellar staff. Our corner room offered fantastic views and terrific amenities.

Finally, we found the hotel’s location ideal for exploring Osaka as well as for making day trips to Nara and Kyoto. We had easy access to the subway,  the JR trains, and the express train to Kansai International Airport.

Have you been to Osaka? Where did you stay?  

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